2 thoughts on “Tesco Hudl meets Google Chromecast

  1. From Greg Hilton on Google+:

    Ian, how does streaming from a device to Chromecast compare to airplay to an Apple TV device? I found the latter seems to have been getting slower and slower with every iOS updated.

    • Hi Greg,

      Chromecast mostly operates by taking over the stream and pulling it from the remote source directly, for example from YouTube or Netflix. Once the stream has started, the source device is still able to pause, resume or take back the stream – but if you drop your phone or tablet in a fish tank or take it out of WiFi range, the stream will carry on regardless.

      Streaming or mirroring the device directly is not something I’ve done regularly – proved it once from a Chrome tab, but haven’t done it since. There have been apps that now support streaming from files that are already on the phone or tablet, such as Plex and Allcast, but I’ve not tried these. I want VLC support before I try really :-)

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