Supporting Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services Poster

I’ve been setting up a WordPress site with an associated BuddyPress Forum on my Digital Ocean Linux Server during the gaps today (we have our 2 year old granddaughter staying with us this weekend). This for my daughter in law Gill, who is doing some work with Mental Health Charity MIND, and potentially with CAMHS (Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services). This to provide a much needed information and shared experience resource for Medical Professionals, Parents, Teachers and Children. The latter both the afflicted, and siblings plus others they have regular contact with.

As a former special needs teacher, she finds there’s a massive gap in training and that from speaking to medical students, she’s found they learn barely anything about mental health. She’s keen to close that off and to also give online support to all concerned wherever and whenever it’s needed.

I’m just working around a few nuances on how one particular WordPress theme queues up a newspaper style layout on the front page, and to put in some of the preventative measures to arrest the usual torrent of user & comment spam that afflicts sites like this. Once done, she becomes mission control.

Really looking forward to the result when it goes live, her other commitments permitting!