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Ian Waring

Ian Waring

I’m Head of Financial Systems & Projects at Jisc in Bristol. We connect all 160 universities, UK research councils and many Further Education establishments to our super fast Janet network; we’re also the single source buyer of journals, publications and data to the same membership base.

I manage the Finance Systems team and projects; our core Finance System is a cloud instance of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations.

My background is as a Manager of Operations, Vendor Management and Product Marketing teams in Market Leading IT, Enterprise Software and Internet companies – but who retains Linux, Python and other software technical skills. Internet and Cloud native (AWS, Google Cloud and Digital Ocean). Black belt Excel and Tableau skills for Data Consolidation, Analysis and Reporting. 

Historically a Systems Programmer (hardware diagnostics, device drivers, TP middleware) but able to adapt to most custom needs with some reading and test work. Self taught on many other software products (eg: Linux, Apache, MySQL, MongoDB, PHP, Python, CSS, JavaScript, Polymer Web Components, Firebase, Django, Microsoft SSRS, VS Code, GitHub, WordPress, etc).

While self-employed I ran a heavily secured Linux WordPress network for 5 customers and one charity. I also have a personal development project to help people stay connected to ex school alumni (I got adept at finding people; I managed to find 174/184 of my old school year from several decades ago; see

My Sordid Past:

I have extensive knowledge of the Enterprise IT Industry, its various business models and the routes to market used. I’m perennially popular with sales as I fix problematic foundations, then engineer consistently target-busting performance, both through a direct salesforce and via third party distribution channels. An experienced Senior Manager, I nevertheless retain up-to-date Cloud, Linux, Windows, Mac and iOS technical knowledge.

CV and example projects i’ve run are listed in this presentationMy contact details are found here.