A list of the podcasts I consume regularly, to keep up with latest High Technology related news and trends. My favourite ones are Exponent, The Gillmor Gang and Steal this Show – two out of three of which I pay for. I also pay for Medium to give me my early morning reading; it’s about the only way of getting quality journalism these days.

I’ve recently added the Techmeme Ride Home Podcast (runs daily) to keep up with West Coast Tech news every (UK) morning.

A(16)Z Podcast from VC firm Andreessen Horowitz: http://a16z.com/tag/podcast/

Amazon AWS Podcast: https://aws.amazon.com/podcasts/aws-podcast/

Exponent with Ben Thompson and James Allworthhttp://exponent.fm/

Gillmor Gang: https://techcrunch.com/video/gillmor-gang/

Google Cloud Platform Podcast: https://www.gcppodcast.com/

Open Source with Christopher Lydon: http://radioopensource.org/

Pivotal Conversations: https://blog.pivotal.io/channels/podcasts-pivotal/pivotal-conversations

Steal this Show: https://www.patreon.com/stealthisshow/posts

Techdirt: http://www.techdirt.com/

Techmeme Ride Home: https://techmeme.com/techmeme-ride-home-itunes

The Talk Show with John Gruber (normally over 2 hours each week, Apple focussed): https://daringfireball.net/thetalkshow/

This week in Google with Jeff Jarvis (90+ mins – Wednesdays): http://twit.tv/twig